Yiinchuen Machinery Co. LTD., located in Luchu Dist of Taoyuan City established in 1979. The company is dedicated to the manufacturing of water jet looms. To meet the world trend in textile industry, we continuously improve and upgrade our technology. Our products have been marketed all over the world and are widely favored by the customers both domestically and internationally.

In 2003, our headquarters in Taoyuan decided to branch out into logistics and warehouse. And set up Yiinchuen Warehouse and Ying-tong Transport Co. LTD in July of the same year.

Yiinchuen Mechanical Co. LTD. were established “Chung Kang branch” and “Yiinchuen Warehouse” in central Taiwan in 2004. A professional logistics warehouse was planned strictly by the Yiinchuen Mechanical Co. LTD. in 2006, and completed in February 2007, named “Yiinchuen Warehouse 1” which located in No.35, Jing 1st Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City. The area is 13,239 m² (4005 Ping) with a storage capacity of 9,647 m² (2918 Ping). In order to extend our coverage, we also apply to establish bonded warehouse.

In 2010, the managements considered the future need of market and business integration. The logistics, storage, and cleaning were merged into the warehouse of central Taiwan. And a second self-built comprehensive Yiinchuen warehouse was completed in June 2011, named “Yiinchuen Warehouse 2”. The area is 10,120 m² (3061 Ping) with a storage capacity of 13993 m² (4233 Ping). The address is No. 1 Wei Wu Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City.

Yiinchuen managements wants to provide higher quality and variety of our services, we have officially changed our name to “Yiinchuen Logistics Warehouse Co., LTD.”in October 2015 and apply to establish Logistics Center at Yiinchuen Warehouse 1. Yiinchuen Logistics, Warehouse Co., LTD. Chungkang Branch were also the first Logistics Center in Chungkang Export Processing Zone. Yiinchuen hopes that through our improved, could provide customers diversified and convenient warehouse storage space.